Thursday, 18 October 2012


This is a poem, written and posted on by forum member "traveler". It describes my feelings so accurately and so poignantly that I simply had to share it.


Don’t look at me too closely
or watch what I am doing.
I might slip;
I might stumble;
I might fall.

Don’t hold high expectations
or think I’ve got it made;
I am weak,
I’m still fragile,
I’m not whole.

Don’t cherish preconceptions
of how I ought to act:
what I should think,
how I should feel,
what I should say.

Don’t assume that now it’s over,
that I am back to normal;
though I am better –
I’m not ALL better,
not yet well.

But if you want to walk with me
and pace your healthy stride
against my stumbling steps,
supporting one another,
to lend each other strength...

we can travel

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