Thursday, 25 October 2012

Catholic Church Fights Extended Statute of Limitations on Sex Abuse Cases

From Sexual Abuse Resource Network:

Published June 14, 2012

While a handful of states work to lengthen the statute of limitation on child sexual abuse cases, the Catholic Church is battling back, insisting that reliable evidence can't be found when several decades have passed. A story published by the New York Times reveals that the Catholic Church has already spent some $2.5 billion on legal fees, settlements and prevention programs. If states were to allow a wider "window" of time for child sexual abuse cases to be prosecuted, the church will certainly face even greater financial challenges – and certain legal action.

The church has gone all-out to campaign against such legislation, getting bishops and parishoners alike to pressure legislators. Their urgency to maintain the status quo underscores their lack of concern for sexual abuse victims and their insistency to continue covering up their crimes.

If the hundreds of sexual abuse victims of Catholic priests are going to ever receive justice, it will require lifting the statute of limitations and finally making the church take legal and financial responsibility for their crimes against children. And, while the church continues fighting this measure, we see once again that its focus is not on the well-being of its victims, but rather on protecting its own.

Shame on them. Again.

Please share this message. Silence is a pedophile's best friend.

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